Personal Training Sessions aimed at

  • Injury Rehabilitation (Disc Bulges, Whiplash, Post Surgery)
  • Weight Loss advice and guidance
  • How to Prioritise you back into your life
  • How to get fit and stay fit
  • Sporting Preparation - Tips, Supplementation, Hydration, Nutrition, Mobility and more...
  • Healthy weight cutting
  • Strength Training
  • Tailored session including Stretching, Running, Swimming, Callisthenics, Core Strength work etc
  • Online Coaching Available - Email, SMS, Phone and Video

Performance Enhancement Training (PET)

This program is designed for up coming athletes. Our training methods give the athletes a chance to all aspects reviewed from diet, supplementation, health advice, soft tissue injury management, visualisation, and of course Strength and Conditioning. Whether it’s a greater range of motion during warm ups, a extra rep during lifting or a tenth of a second off an drill, we keep the focus on digging deeper to uncover the real potential.

This way of Athlete Monitoring has lead to massive success for athletes all around Australia. Typically done online the athlete has near limitless access to coaching advice.
Programs consist of:

  • Power: Weight Training
  • Health/Injury Management
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Supplementation
  • Mobility Program
  • Diet
  • Healthy Weight Cutting
  • Video Analysis
  • Event Preparation
  • Exercise Prescription

Swimming Lessons and Online Swimming Video Analysis

LMB now has one-on-one swimming sessions for individuals preparing for sporting or fitness events. For the higher level swimmer (as high as Australian Open Nationals) we do offer Online Swimming Video Analysis work. For triathletes and water polo athletes filming in training works great.
Online Swimming Video Analysis work consist of:

  • Reaction Time
  • Dive/Start
  • Surfacing/Breach
  • 15m Time
  • Stroke Count/Review
  • Tumble Turn Analysis
  • Swim Phase Analysis
  • Lap Split Review
  • Comments on Stroke Technique and the event
  • Comments on Exercise Prescription/Mobility/Programming
  • Corporate

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